Women’s Clinic Singapore: What You Need To Know About DTAP’s All-Women Clinic

This post is brought to you by our Women’s Clinic Health Partner, DTAP Clinic Singapore. 

Established in 2005, DTAP’s All Women’s Health GP Branch has been supporting healthy and striving women for the last 10 years.

Staffed by an all-female team, DTAP’s female doctors are well versed in multiple aspects of women’s health.

DTAP attends to a comprehensive range of women’s issues in its women’s sexual health clinic, such as fertility screening, IUD & contraception, health screening, menstrual problem, Pap smear and menstrual problem & period issues.

The team at DTAP believes in quality healthcare, with a personal touch.

DTAP offers each and every woman individualised and holistic care, tailored to meet your unique healthcare needs.

Get in touch with DTAP today at +65 6976 5023 or drop them an email at hello@dtapclinic.com.sg for an appointment with a specialised doctor.

For Women. From Women.

Services Provided:


  1. Diagnosis and treatment for
  2. Treatment for Yeast Infection
  3. Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis
  4. Treatment for Dyspareunia (Pain during Sex)


  1. Comprehensive Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  2. Screening and treatment for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomonas, Genital Herpes, Urea/Mycoplasma
  3. Screening for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis
  4. Treatment for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  5. HIV Testing
  6. HIV Post- Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

List of all Women’s STD Screening, Testing and Treatment Services


  1. Thin Prep Pap Smear
  2. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) screening
  3. HPV (Cervical Cancer) Vaccinations

Call DTAP at +65 6976 5023 or drop them an email at hello@dtapclinic.com.sg for an appointment with a female doctor.


  1. Emergency Contraception
  2. Combined Contraceptive Pills
  3. Contraceptive Injections
  4. Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) Insertion and Removal
  5. Hormonal Implant Insertion and Removal


  1. Delayed Period
  2. Irregular Period
  3. Heavy Period
  4. Painful Period


  1. Routine Pre-Conception Review/Screening
  2. Women’s/Men’s Fertility Screening
  3. Fertility Screening For Couples
  4. Pregnancy Testing


  1. Breast Examinations
  2. Breast Cancer Screening – Ultrasound/Mammogram
  3. Assessment of Breast Lumps
  4. Treatment of Breast Infections (Mastitis)


  1. Urinary Tract Infections
  2. Urinary Leakage/ Incontinence


Diagnosis and treatment of Vaginal Tightness.

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment


  1. Comprehensive Women Health Screening
  2. Cancer Screening
  3. C14 Urea Breath Test 



Need a Female Doctor?

Having Women’s health concerns? Please visit DTAP or contact them at their GP Plus Clinics in Singapore. They are open on weekends too.

For more information, please visit DTAP Clinic website, www.dtapclinic.com or email them at hello@dtapclinic.com.sg


  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    hello gud pm, im lately delay my period for 6 days, what should i do ? what id the best Contraceptive for it?

    • Dr
      Dr says:

      Thanks for the enquiry.
      Think it would be best if you performed a pregnancy test – you can do come in to clinic for a urine of blood test if you like.

  2. Cynthia Tan
    Cynthia Tan says:

    My Husband and I would like to start a family and thinking of going for fertility check. I am in my 30s and my Husband in 40s. We are married and tried to have children for the last 2 years but not really successful.
    Both of us are generally health, not overweight, no smoking and drinking. I have done full health screening in Pct 2016, results are fine, no major health issue.

    Can u advise the right test/doctor who can provide sound advise? Roughly the price for the check?

    My hp is

  3. Maalique
    Maalique says:

    My girlfriend recently having menstruation for 1 day , but only showing a bit of blood . Then it stop till now .. can u please advise me the cause of it ? And roughly how much is the price for consultation and perhaps a medicine for it for Malaysian patient ? Thank u

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Maalique,

      There are many causes of abnormal/light periods. You should see a doctor to have it properly evaluated. Youre welcome to visit our women’s clinic, or call us at 68844119.

  4. JX Koh
    JX Koh says:

    I would like to find out more about procedure & charges regarding HPV vaccine (noticed that it is stated Medisave can be claimed under the age of 27 years old – how about for those 27 years old?)

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi JX,

      So sorry, but the Medisave use is for patients Under 27 years old.

      If you’re still keen to get the vaccine, do drop by our women’c clinic, or give us a ring at 68844119, we would be happy to assist you with this!

  5. Angelica Deralda
    Angelica Deralda says:

    May I know the overall cost for Contraceptive Injection (since usually a pregnancy test is required first)?
    Thank you!

  6. Siti Hairani
    Siti Hairani says:

    Do you handle consultation or treatment on skin tags growth on genital area? The skin tags growth on me is unbearable.

  7. rosalind
    rosalind says:

    had hear abt the treatment vaginal tightness , already menopause for fews yrs ,can i go for the treatment for
    condition by thinning and drying frm the vaginal.

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Rosalind,

      Thanks for the enquiry.
      Yes, we can certainly see you in clinic to help with this.
      Both our bencoolen and katong branches offer vaginal tightness treatment, you’re welcome to call either one for an appointment.
      Do let us know if youd like to come in, we would be happy to assist.

  8. Et
    Et says:

    Hi. Can i know do u do ultra sound? Did home test and was positve. Wish to do a ultrasound to know the estimated weeks of pregnancy im in. If yes. How much will it cost usually for the whole procedure? Thanks

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Et, We usually do a blood hormones test to confirm the pregnancy as well. If the blood hormone levels are high enough, then you may proceed with a scan. if you’d like an Ultrasound for the estimated birth date, that’s approx. 150-200 dollars.

  9. Athiyah
    Athiyah says:

    can I know how much is the price for consultation regarding to delayed period? Thanks!

  10. Rin
    Rin says:

    Hi ,
    How much is the price for a vaginal checkup ? I’m unsure about the discharge that I’m having . Thank you .

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Rin,
      Vaginal checkup cost depends on your symptoms and medical history. I would be in a better position to advise you about it when you come in for a basic consultation first. Feel free to come into our women’s clinic for a checkup.

  11. Tas
    Tas says:

    I m 27 yes old . I have 14months boy baby . Now i m pregnant 2months. Would like terminate n take birthcontrol pills is that possible .. what will be the charges… Thanks

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Sorry Tas, our clinic doesn’t offer terminations. However, if you would like to discuss birth control options following your termination, youre welcome to come into our women’s clinics for that.

  12. Jo
    Jo says:

    I have been having vaginal itch for a few weeks to about a month. Been to 2 GP but the itch won’t go away. May I know if there is treatment for this and how much will it cost? Thank you

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Jolin,

      Thanks for the enquiry. Vaginal itch can be caused by many things – will need to perform a detailed examination and run some tests to see what the problem is.
      Do come into our women’s center for a checkup, would be happy to help you with this!

    • P
      P says:

      I have been having vaginal itch for a quite some time now. I can’t even slee st night. The itch is that bad. May I know if there is treatment for this and how much will it cost? Thank you

      • Dr Rachel Ng
        Dr Rachel Ng says:

        Hi Prassanthi,

        Perhaps you’d like to come in to clinic to allow us to check this out, I would be able to advise better once I speak to you and do a proper examination?
        Do come into our women’s clinic for a checkup, would be happy to help you with this.

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi, me and may partner is planning to conceive.. we’ve been trying for few months now.. i think almost 8 mos but still cant make it. Is there any suggestions or any meds to take?

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      Hi there are fertility testing that we can offer women and men. This encompasses a blood test that allows us to interpret how good a reserve of eggs you have. It would be wise to consult us prior to consideration of any medications

  14. Kristine
    Kristine says:

    Good morning I am wondering , If I come down to the clinic to consult about my heavy period … are there options to take medications that can lighten or stop my period ? Thank you.

  15. June
    June says:

    Hi, how much is breast examination? under 35 and found that i have elongated soft squishy lump on my both outer breasts but when i lift up my arms, on my left side can see the bulge. sometimes it is painful near period and it moves a bit when i touch. should i be worried?

    • ChuiYen Woo
      ChuiYen Woo says:

      Hi June
      Breast examination is considered part of consultation and our basic medical consultation starts from 35 dollars. You would probably need a breast ultrasound. It is best for you to come for basic consultation first, feel free to visit any of our women’s health clinic. Thank you

    • ChuiYen Woo
      ChuiYen Woo says:

      Hi Eve
      Our basic medical consultation starts from 35 dollars. There are many types of vaginal lump, will need to examine first before giving any further advice. Feel free to visit any of or women’s health clinic. Thank you

    • Mandy
      Mandy says:

      Hi! Sorry, I could advise you on the treatment cost. It depends on the type of treatment. Our consultation starts from $35.00

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      Cost of treatment of Bacterial vaginosis depends on type of medication dispensed hence the cost varies. Medication can comprise of antibiotics, probiotics and even gels to prevent reinfections. Pls see us at one of our clinic if you would like treatment for your bacterial vaginosis.

  16. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi,may ask if anytime can do the pop smear as long not in period? How much the charge and the consultation. Thanks

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      Pap smears should be performed at least 2-3 days after menstrual bleeding completely stops. Pap smears in our clinic cost $70. Consultation starts at $35

  17. Zard
    Zard says:

    Hi doctor, I’ve been married for a year and my Husband have yet to penetrate me as I have a few symptoms of vaginismus. I suspected of having vaginismus but have yet to get a diagnosis. May I know how much is the consultation and treatment fee? How do I make an appointment?

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      Hi Fadzah i will be sending you details for vaginismus consultation and treatment via your e-mail .We can organise an appointment for you via e-mail as well.

  18. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Hi doctor, i am having menses nearly one month and it has not stop. May i know what could have gone wrong to my body?
    I have similar experience before, my menses usually ended after 8 days. But now its seems quite abnormal. Please advise.

  19. priya
    priya says:

    Hi, i am 28, and i am newly married for 4 months, we had sex hardly 4 times in these 4 times. we use lubricants but still i feel pain during intercourse. Is there anything to do with vaginismus or any other problem? if so what will ve the treatment and cost for that?

  20. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Hi, may I know when can I have the contraceptive injection and is it immediate control after injection?
    How much does the 2 types of IUDs cost respectively and which is better?

  21. Armia
    Armia says:

    Hi , I need help. I’m very worried. I have a vaginal lump last night. Will it go away? Or I need to consult a doctor. Please help….

  22. Els
    Els says:

    Hi, i want to ask. I had my injection for servical cancer maybe about 3 or 4 years ago. However, I didn’t do 0,2,6 months as what they said. I did 0,2,8 months. So, do I need to re-inject? I scared its not effective. Thanks.

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      You do not need to reinject. As long as all three shots are received within a 12 month period then you would have adequate immunity against the specific HPV types the vaccine covers for.

      Just for your info the clinic now carries the newest HPV vaccine – It covers for 7 cancer causing HPVs and 2 wart causing HPVs.

  23. Ren O.
    Ren O. says:

    Good afternoon, may I know the cost of a IUD implant? Also, is Medisave usable for it? I am 20 this year.

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      IUD device cost $600 for insertion at our clinic. This can be done at our Katong or Bencoolen branches. There is also a Consult charge of $60.
      Unfortunately it is not Medisave claimable.

      Pls discuss with us if this is indeed the best option of contraception for you, as there a several IUDs available.

  24. lyn
    lyn says:

    Hi I would like to check on the detailed tests for the fertility screening. What do the packages consist of? How much does it cost?

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Jen,
      Thanks for the email.
      The vaginismus treatment session is 180 dollars – this will cover consultation, and hands-on physical therapy/treatment.
      The dilator set is also available for purchase in clinic.

      Do call us in clinic or email us for more details.

  25. QY
    QY says:

    Hi, can I ask what does the women check up consist and how much? Can check if the period flow is normal or really bad cause I have been taking cold drink too frequently. Really scared for the future, thanks

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi QY,
      Our basic women’s health consult starts from 45 dollars.
      Not to worry, why don’t you come into our women’s clinic to have this properly investigated?
      Do give our clinics a call to set up an appointment.

  26. Zubaidah
    Zubaidah says:

    Hi Doctor, I am still considering going for ligation. But something keeps bothering me to think twice about it. I’ve tried iud and had already removed upon expiry. Can I check is it advisable to re insert iud if my gravida is 8? Does it matter? I’m 40 this year by the way and have 4 children. Can I know how much is the insertion cost? Thanks.

  27. Jane
    Jane says:

    Period delayed for 4mths but confirmed not pregnant. What procedure needed to check ? Estimated cost and the consultation free.

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Jane,
      There are lots of reasons for menstrual delay. Will probably need to get you in for a detailed consult and examination – if necessary, will need to do some blood tests or imaging scans.
      Our consult starts from 35 dollars.
      Please do give us a call in clinic to arrange your check up, we would be very happy to help!

  28. Mine
    Mine says:

    Hi just wanna ask
    I having sex last sunday but i feel get hurts
    Specially wen i get urine i check my private part had some spot is this A normal or i need to see doctor

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      You might have an infection, i would suggest you have this properly assessed by a doctor.
      Feel free to come into clinic if you would like a checkup.

  29. Jess
    Jess says:

    Hi, can I ask if it’s normal to have minimal bleeding 4-6 days before menstruation? Occurred before last year for about 2 months and it went away.

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Spotting can be a sign of other issues such as infection, cancer, or pelvic pathology like fibroids/cysts/polyps.
      I would suggest you have this properly evaluated by a doctor.
      Please feel free to come into clinic for a check, would be happy to help.

  30. Marie
    Marie says:

    Hi i just want to know how much it cost for a vaginal check up and how much is the doctors fee thank you

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Marie,
      Our consult fees start from 35 dollars.
      Depending on your symptoms and physical examination, we might have to do some testing for you.
      Do call us in clinic if you’d like to set up an appointment for a check up.

  31. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Hi, Can i know the price for infection consultation? Itching and discharge greenish thingy. Would you mind drop me a emal? Thanks!

  32. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Hi, may i know the consultation fees for infection? Itching and discharged. Would you mind to drop me a email?

  33. Vicky
    Vicky says:


    I have PCOS, and higher than normal T level than average women. i am thinking of IUD for now but may be starting a family in about 2 yrs time. is there any side effects? and how much will it cost? Thanks

  34. Bell
    Bell says:

    Hi doctor, my husband complain that when we are having intercourse, he feel pricked when he insert. Can i know whats wrong with me and what should i do now? Thanks

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Bell, Why dont you come in for a check up with your husband so we can better understand the problem?
      Do drop an email or call us in clinic to set up an appointment.

  35. Susy
    Susy says:

    Hi doctor ,. Im 30 years old, I hvnt married but I ever did sex . N I plan to do Phapsmear & HPV vaccinations. How much the price to did both of them ? Thank u.

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      essentially your partner needs to consult the Dr prior to a prescription of the oral contraceptive pills. We do need to discuss the side effects of the pills and whether your partner is eligible to take the pills.

      So effectively, no, you cannot walk in to purchase pills for your partner.

      Unless of course she has consulted us for the oral contraceptive pills before and you are simply collecting a top up supply for her.But she has to first call in to inform the clinic.

  36. Laney
    Laney says:

    Hi doctor, my period was delayed for 3 months and I’m not pregnant. I guess i’ve to do an ultrasound and hormone test..may i know which branch should i go to? Thanks.

  37. albee
    albee says:

    Hi, May i know what is the charges like for prenatal check up? I got positive result by doing home pregnancy test. What should i do next?

    • Dr Jess
      Dr Jess says:

      Commonly you can do a antenatal blood screening looking at things like your blood type, blood count, Thalassemia screen, any infections like hepB, syphillis,HIV etc.

      You should ensure you have started on folic acid supplement necessary for the developing foetus’s spinal health.

      Depending on how far along into the pregnancy you are, you can be offered an Ultrasound scan and a screening for down syndrome risk assessment.

      You can contact one of our clinics to have this organised.

  38. Candice
    Candice says:

    Hi doctor I have very serious itching issue near the skin around my genitals and it gets really bad especially during night time. At the same time the skin around that area always appear to be flaky red and sore. May I know if you would be able to treat this. Thanks.

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear Candice,
      It is possible to get treatment for the above but it would be best for you to come down to one of our clinics for a doctor to assess you and discuss further.

  39. Nurul
    Nurul says:

    Hi, is it possible for me to consult a doctor and get something to actually delay my period for my overseas trip?

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear Nurul,
      There are medications available to delay one’s menses for a short period of time. However, it would be best if you could come down for consult with one of our doctors who will be able to advise you further.

  40. Jw
    Jw says:

    Each mth before menses, I will suffer from itchiness n green cottage kind of discharge. What can be the reason? How much will be the detail check charges? Kindly advice.

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear JW,
      Abnormal vaginal discharge and itching can be due to several causes including infections such as candida (yeast). However, it would be best if you could come down to one of our clinics to speak further and be physically assessed by one of our doctors. We would then also be better able to counsel you on any investigations required as well as the best treatment options – charges would vary depending on the above.

  41. nirosha
    nirosha says:

    hi doctor ,
    my periods r delaying not coming regularly
    pregnant test is showing nagitive ,but we r trying for baby.
    so how get pregnant doctor

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear Nirosha,
      If you are keen on conceiving a baby, both you and your partner can come down to one of our clinics for further counselling. We do offer fertility screening (for both parties) which may be helpful for you.

  42. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi, Can i know the price for infection consultation? Itching and discharge yellowish. Would you mind drop me a emal? Thanks!

  43. Megan
    Megan says:

    hi,i having 3 times period in 1 month,and i realize there is blood everytime that after having sex,which consultant i need to refer?

  44. E
    E says:

    Hi, May I know the consultation rates for vaginal discharge and odor and in additional if there are medications/treatments given? Would you mind dropping me an email?

  45. c
    c says:

    hi may i know how much will cause for cervical vaccine, and what will be the procedure.do i need to do a pop smear as well?

    thank you

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear C,

      We carry the latest cervical cancer vaccine, which covers for 9 strains of HPV. Each dose is $248, with a total of 3 doses required.
      If you are between 25 and 69 years and have ever had sexual intercourse, you should go for a Pap smear once every three years.

      Feel free to walk into any of our clinics should you be keen for the above and we will be able to advise you further.

  46. lee
    lee says:

    Im having irregular menstruation period and been trying for almost 2 years to get pregnant. I went for fertility screening before and says everything is fine. I would like to consult and go another screening with my husband . Thanks!

    • Dr Elaine Loh
      Dr Elaine Loh says:

      Hi Lee

      I have emailed you the details for fertility screening for both yourself and husband.

    • Dr Elaine Loh
      Dr Elaine Loh says:

      Hi Mui Ling

      I have emailed you the prices and details of the fertility check ups.

  47. Genia
    Genia says:

    Hi, can I check the fertility test price for both my husband and I plus the consultation?

    • Dr Elaine Loh
      Dr Elaine Loh says:

      Hi Genia

      I have emailed you the details and price of the fertility testing for yourself and your husband.

  48. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    How much do u charge for
    Comprehensive Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
    Screening and treatment for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomonas, Genital Herpes, Urea/Mycoplasma
    Screening for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis
    Treatment for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    HIV Testing
    HIV Post- Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

  49. Jine
    Jine says:

    Sex intercourse for years and it only bleeds recently during intercourse . Shld I see a doctor?

  50. Sy
    Sy says:

    Been having vaginal discharge that is yellow and greenish colour with very bad odour accompanied by itching and swelling. Does this mean I have trichomoniasis? Will my partner need to be treated too? How much will it cost?

  51. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have period on 9 June for about a week (i usually have period for 7 -10 days) and stop for one /two days and start again until now, the color of the period is still red but sometimes it turns brownish, I had taken flu and cough medication before and one the 1st and 2nd days of my period, is it related? What is the check up procedure and fees for this case? Thanks.

  52. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi, i been having vaginal discharge for quite long time (greenish yellow) and i would know how much it would cost to check and treat it. Can u please email me the cost ?

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear Anon,

      There are many possible causes of vaginal discharge. I have emailed you.

  53. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have symptoms of UTI for a few weeks now. And I am starting to feel feverish. However, I am currently on my period. How should I go about getting diagnosed?

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear Anon,

      The diagnosis of a urine tract infection is based on symptoms and further supported by investigation results. Sometimes a urine culture in which we send a sample of your urine to the lab to check what sort of bacteria grows may be useful – both in terms of supporting the diagnosis of a UTI as well as guiding the choice of antibiotics.

      You are right that a quick test like a dipstick (where we check for blood cells or pus cells etc in the urine) may not be accurate during your menses. However this should not stop you from seeking medical attention if you are feeling unwell.

  54. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I’m 23 and thinking of getting a pap smear and pelvic examination – not sexually active or anything, but heard from a friend that it would be good to do so as part of a routine health check-up. Would this be necessary for me, and what are the charges like?

    • Dr. Grace Huang
      Dr. Grace Huang says:

      Dear Anon,

      A PAP smear is indeed part of the recommended routine screening for women – it screens for cervical cancer. Sexually active women should have a pap smear from the age of 25 onwards but starting earlier at the age of 23 is fine as well. The specific intervals of follow up screenings depend on the results. A pelvic examination can also be performed during the course of the PAP smear. A PAP smear is $70 but additional screening e.g. for high risk HPV DNA is also available and if you come down to our clinics we may be able to advise you further.