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Oral sex may be one of the intimate things that you can do with your partner, not to mention how pleasurable it will be to the person receiving it. However, a recent news report by Channel News Asia titled “HIV-positive man who donated blood during pandemic faces charge of lying about sexual history” may have raised some eyebrows and questions surrounding the topic on risk of HIV transmission through oral sex.

I recently broached this topic to Dr Julian Ng, acting Chief Executive Office of DTAP clinic, inquiring if different acts of intimacy do have an impact on the risk of HIV transmission. Primarily, is vaginal sex more prone to HIV transmission than Oral sex?

“Can HIV be transmitted via oral sex yes, but the risk is roughly 10x less likely than vaginal sex,” said Dr Ng.

When probed further to ask on how we can reduce risks of HIV transmission, Dr Ng added with a smile, “How can we reduce risk of HIV transmission? Well, a monogamous relationship, avoiding casual sex or paid sex, always use condoms are good practices.” He added to say that regular testing if you are at risk – protect yourself and your loved ones.

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