Health Forum


Hey Gal friends! Our lady doctors have launched a health forum specially for women only!

If you have health tips or you need health advices, join us.

 For Women. From Women

Here’s Some Ground Rules Gal Friends!

1. Only people with genuine sharing.

2. Please refrain from using explicit language, and crude and/or suggestive nicknames in the Women’s Health Forum.

3. Excessive repetition is strongly discouraged in the Women’s Health Forum.

4. Commercial advertising is not allowed on this in the Women’s Health Forum.

5. Women’s Health forum shall not to be used as a platform for the sale of items in the Women’s Health Forum.

6. Kindly do not advertise a URL in the Women’s Health Forum.

7. One is not to disclose any personal contact particulars (i.e. address, telephone, email) of oneself or any other person in the channel main in the Women’s Health Forum.

8. The discussion of sensitivie topics or topics that may be deemed to be in conflict of interests (i.e. of racist and/or defamatory nature) is strictly prohibited in the Women’s Health Forum.

9. Soliciting sex from minors or selling prohibited drugs in the chat room are serious criminal offences under the law. Offenders’s information may be passed on to the authorities for criminal prosecution.

10. We don’t agree to all information shared in this forum, we are just facilitators. We will do our best to monitor this forum. If you find any information that are false with please contact us





One Response to “Health Forum”

  1. Hi I have a question about obtaining the morning after pill.Is it necessary by a male doctor to do a breast check without any initial consultation? I took this pill a lot of times before and told him I don’t have any health issue I just need it.he just asked me when did the intercourse happen and suddenly he said I need to do a breath check.he called his lady associate and I thought she will do the exam, but when he told me to remove my bra, that’s the time I got up and said is this necessary? ?? Its the first time I came across this doctor on this clinic on a Sunday and I never felt uncomfortable.