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      Hi People,

      3 days ago, I have abdominal pain. Then, the next day I feel that my underwear was wet. I thought its my periods, but its actually blood. It was painful. Yesterday, I spotted some rash around my private area. There are also some itch. I am very terrified. I told my boyfriend about it. He told me that it is not STD, because he dont have STD.

      I dont remembered spotting any rash around his private area. So do he really dont have any STD?

      Could my symptoms be STD? I am very embarrassed to go to a doctor, what should I do?

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      Hi guys, anyone knows anything about rashes in the privates area?
      Been having a really bad itch as well.
      Ladies please help, if anyone has any experience with this.
      Should I see a doctor? Can I try stuff from the pharmacy first?

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