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      I have been on a year contraceptive for my irregular period. 2 months ago, I ran out of pills and decided to go off the pill to see if things had improved. I still haven’t had a period. Normal Doctors??

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      Took Yasmin for like 5 years when I was in my teens, to control periods. When I stopped, it took like 6 plus months for my periods to come back.
      But I dunno how long is supposed to be normal though……

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      Sometimes it can take a while for your periods to return after stopping the pills. Some even up to 6 months. However, if you were taking the contraceptive pills to regulate your period, you may already have an underlying problem which is causing your irregular periods, with the most common being Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It will be best to consult a doctor if you have irregular periods which has not been diagnosed and also if you haven’t had your menses for >6 months after stopping the pill.

      Dr Sim Li Kun
      (Dr Tan & Partners)

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      Thanks Dr Sim

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