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      I am currently dating someone. It started a few weeks ago. Last week, I saw he has some ulcers/ blister on his lips. They look like cold sores. I never seen a cold sore before, but i think its a cold sore.

      He told me that when he is stressed he will has some outbreak. I wanted to ask him to go for a check or see a doctor. He told me that they will go away in a few days, and he is too busy to take time off.

      I am worried. Can herpes be spread by sharing utensils, cups and drinks? How should I convinced him to go and see a doctors? I worried that if it Herpes I will get it from him. 🙁

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      Heard about a similar case with a friend of mine.
      She had some ulcers in the mouth and went to get tested, was told by her doc that it was cold sores, and that it was due to herpes infection.
      Doc told her that she was contagious during the times that she had the mouth ulcers.
      So yea, you can catch it from your boyfriend. Better get him checked out!!

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        I do agree. Get it done and over with.

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      I have herpes and I am on once a day valtrex. However, I have breakouts every few months (maybe due to stress). I am currently working and competing my degree. Whenever, there’s an exam I will sure have a cold sores on my lips. Its embressing when I have to work and stuffs.

      I know valtrex will also reduces the possibility of passing it on to boyfriend. He doesn’t know about m condition. I will let him know hen the time is right.

      I will like to ask a few questions:

      1. How can I reduce frequency of the breakout?
      2. Should I change medication?
      3. How can I reduce the risk of getting my bf infected?
      4. Will herpes go away eventually? (I have see some articles somewhere that they will go away eventually)


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