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      Hello everyone,

      Usually, I feel pain and cramps in my pelvic area, back and thighs few day into my period. Sometimes, I get these symptoms that begin on the first day of my period and ends after a couple of hours.

      (I have very painful cramps and pain during my periods. My period i between 4 to a week and they are heavy. )

      • Extreme pain/cramping builds up
      • Pain and numbness around my forehead area
      • Feeling nauseous and dizzy
      • Upper body feeling weak and numb, esp arm, neck, head and shoulders

      Is it normal to have these symptoms during my period? What should I do?

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      Hey Joyce, sounds like you’ve got some bad PMS and menstrual cramps!!
      I get cramps too, but i take painkillers like those pink Panadols that they have specially for periods? those seem to help.
      one of my girlfriends had like really bad cramps and heavy bleeding too, so she started on the Pill and it really seemed to help! Maybe you can try the pain meds or the Pill for your problem?

      Just offering my 2 cents worth 🙂

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