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“While running a clinic that is part of the MOH Anonymous HIV Screening Program, it is inevitable that I end up conducting a fair bit of HIV screening.

In the course of my work I have noticed the rising rates of people contracting HIV.

That’s is why my we decided to publish this eBook to help the community at large to understand more about
the importance of HIV screening and HIV treatment.

With more awareness people can take precautionary measures to help prevent themselves from being infected with HIV.

It is very important for people to know their HIV status, as with early detection patients can seek early treatment. And, with treatments patients still can have a normal, healthy and productive life.”
– Dr Tan & Partners

Understanding HIV and AIDS: A Guidebook to HIV and AIDS Prevention– free eBook

Table of Contents:

1. What is HIV
2. How is HIV Transmitted
3. Understanding Window period
4. The Signs & Symptoms of HIV and AIDS
5. Types of Test
6. Test and Window periods
7. HIV 4th Generation Test Singapore
8. Anonymous HIV Testing
9. How to Protect yourself from STDs HIV
10. HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
11. Tablets to prevent HIV – PrEP
12. Newly Diagnosed
13. Treatment for HIV
14. HIV Cure
15. AIDS Phobia – The New HIV?
16. More on HIV: Types, Subtypes, Groups and Strains
17. HIV risk / Risk of HIV Infection / Transmission
18. How effective are Condoms, Diaphragms and
Circumcision in preventing HIV transmission?
19. Getting HIV from Oral Sex
20. Female to Female Sexual Transmission of HIV
21 In a nutshell
22. Hotlines

Please visit us or contact us at our GP Plus Clinics in Singapore. We are open on weekends too. For more information, please visit DTAP Clinic website, www.dtapclinic.com or email them at hello@dtapclinic.com.sg

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