Bleeding after sex can be frightening and distressing for ladies.

And do beware of this, as it can be due to a serious underlying health issue!

If you suffer from this bleeding after sex, prompt medical attention is necessary.

Read on to find out about the possible causes of bleeding after sex.


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1. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Many different STDs can cause inflammation of the vagina, cervix and uterus, leading to bleeding after sex.

STDs are one of the commonest causes of bleeding after sex.

Thankfully, they can be easily treated, if medical attention is sought in a timely fashion.

Other associated symptoms of STDs include vaginal discharge, vaginal itch, pelvic or vaginal pain, and pain during sex. If you have any of the above, consult your doctor for testing as soon as possible.

Read more about STDs here.


2. Cancer

Cancer of the cervix, uterus, or endometrium can all result in bleeding after sex.
Whilst more common in elderly females, younger women can still be affected by cancer, and should remain vigilant of abnormal bleeding.

Getting a regular female examination and Pap smear, along with the HPV vaccine, can help ward against cervical cancer.

Read more about the cervical cancer and vaccination here.

If you haven’t had a routine women’s checkup in a while, or have yet to receive your vaccination, pop into your doctor’s office to get one today.


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3. Physical trauma/abrasions

Skin-on-skin friction during intercourse can occasionally cause trauma and abrasions to the vaginal walls and external skin.

Small amounts of bleeding can sometimes occur following sex, but should usually resolve spontaneously within a day or two.

If your bleeding persists, further investigations to look for other causes might be necessary.


4. Vaginal dryness/Atrophic vaginitis

Following menopause, the lining of the vaginal wall can thin out, causing the skin to tear easily.
This can lead to bleeding after sex. The use of lubricants, as well as topical estrogens, can help to relieve this problem.

In younger ladies, causes of vaginal dryness include use of certain medications, autoimmune conditions, and breastfeeding.

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Bleeding after sex is never normal, so if you are experiencing this problem, seek advice from your healthcare provider early.



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  1. Priscillia
    Priscillia says:

    I’m 50 years old,usually I have regular period every 21 days. Period also last for 3 days then very clean after that. My last period is on 31/07/2015. After that no more menstruated, until 22/11/2015. This time the period start from 22/11/15 until 9/12/15 non stop until I see GP doctor,after taking medicine “Tranexamic Acid Tab” for 10 days seems like temporary menstruation just stop. But next day I didn’t take medicine start bleeding again. But luckily this few day stop for 5 days.
    But today I have a sexual interceptions again have a little bleed. It this something no in order,please advice.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks Rdgs.

    • Dr Rachel Ng
      Dr Rachel Ng says:

      Hi Priscilla,
      Thanks for your enquiry. Your bleeding does sound abnormal, and I would recommend some swab tests and an ultrasound in order to accurately diagnose the problem.
      If possible, do come into clinic to have this properly assessed, I would be happy to assist with this.

      Dr Rachel Ng