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Good news ladies! Get your FREE PAP SMEAR! 

As part of the Women’s Gynaecological Awareness Month (WGCAM) Campaign 2017 by Singapore Cancer Society, 5 of our clinics have registered as the panel clinics offering FREE pap smear!

*(1ST MAY – 31ST AUGUST 2017)


The procedure is FREE to all eligible women!

Criteria/Instructions for Free Screening:

  • Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Women aged between 25-69 years old who have had sexual intercourse
  • Currently not menstruating, at least seven days after the end of your last menstrual period
  • Avoid sex for at least 48 hours before the screening
  • Do not use spermicides, vaginal creams, lubricant jelly, vaginal medications or tampons at least 48 hours before the screening



Why is it important to have PAP smear screening?

PAP smear screening is performed for early detection of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the easiest gynaecological cancer to prevent and treat with regular screening and follow up.

In Singapore, the recommended national pap smear screening programme is for women aged >25 years who have ever engaged in sexual intercourse before. Women are advised to have a pap smear test once every 3 years at the minimum. If you have had an abnormal pap smear result in the past, you may be asked to come for more frequent pap check ups.


The procedure is FREE to all eligible women.

NO CONSULTATION or PROCEDURAL FEES shall be charged to all eligible women.


Come visit our clinics for a FREE PAP smear test, and find out more about the HPV vaccines – Cervarix & Gardasil!


How do I prepare for my Pap smear?

  1. Schedule your appointment 2 weeks after the start of your menstruation.
  2. Avoid sexual intercourse 48 hours before the screening.
  3. Do not use spermicides, vaginal creams, lubricant jelly, vaginal medications or tampons 48 hours before the screening.
  4. Wear a comfortable 2-piece-outfit on the day of your appointment.


Here’s 8 Pap Smear Tips



Where to get Free Pap Smear?

1.) Dr Tan and Partners @Bencoolen


The Bencoolen
180 Bencoolen Street, #02-20
Singapore 189646

Telephone: +65 6884 4119

Opening Time:
Monday -Friday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 9am-1pm
Saturday and Selected PH closed


2.) Dr Tan and Partners @Katong

184 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428890

(Alongside Katong 112, next to Bank of China)

Telephone:  +65 6635 2551

Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday
9.00am – 1.00pm and
4.30pm – 9.00pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Selected Public Holiday – Closed


3.) Dr Tan and Partners @Somerset


Orchard Building (above H&M)
1 Grange Road, #10-08
Singapore 239693

Telephone: +65 6262 0762

Opening Time:

Monday –  Thursday 10am – 2pm & 3pm – 7pm
Friday – 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 7pm
Saturday 9am-1pm
Sunday and Selected PH closed


4.) Dr Tan and Partners @Robertson

Robertson Walk
11 Unity Street, #02-07
Singapore 237995

Telephone:  +65 6238 7810

Opening Time: 

Monday -Friday 8am-9pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm
PH closed

5.) Dr Tan and Partners @Scotts

Scotts Medical Center (Pacific Plaza)
9 Scotts Road, #06-06,
Singapore 228210

Telephone: +65 6694 2348

Opening Time:

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday 8am-1pm
Sunday and Selected PH closed




Frequently Asked Questions:

I am interested to do the free Pap smear under this programme. How do I go about registering for it?
Please check with the respective clinic(s) if there is a need to make appointment.


How long will my results take to process? How will I be notified of the results?
Please allow 1-2 weeks for your results to reach you. The clinic will contact you when your results are ready for collection.


Do I need to pay for anything? Is it really free ie. no consultation charges?
The Pap smear test is FREE. No consultation charges will be involved for the 1st visit. However subsequent follow-up visits are chargeable and so are any other tests done at the clinic.


How long is this free Pap Smear available for?
The free Pap smear is only free during the campaign months from 1st May to 31st July.


Can I go to a polyclinic and do the free Pap smear test?
No, the polyclinics do not offer the free Pap smear test for this campaign.


I would like to be served by a female doctor. Is there one available?
Our Women’s Health clinic at Bencoolen is staffed by a female doctor. For the remaining clinics, please up to check if a female doctor is present on the date of your preferred visit.


I did my Pap smear last year? Must I do it again this year? How often should I do a Pap smear?
The recommendation from Health Promotion Board (HPB) is for a woman to undergo a Pap smear every 3 years, unless otherwise advised by your doctor.


My Pap smear results is reported as ‘abnormal’. What should I do?
Your doctor will get in touch with you and provide further advice and follow-up. If you require specialist review, your doctor will discuss the relevant private and subsidized options with you.



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12 Responses to “Free Pap Smear 2017”

  1. Hi i understand the eligibilty age is 25 and above . Can i still go for this test ? I am 23yrs old. And what will the chrges be like? Thanks

    • Hi Mdm,

      Yes, The required age for the free pap smear is 25 and above. The charges for our thin pap smear is $70.00 (before GST) and consultation fees is from $35.00 (before GST). 🙂

  2. Hi.. I currently working in Singapore.. Pap smear $70 before GST and consultation fees from $35, these costing also for us who working in Singapore?

    • Hi Eve,
      between May to July 2017, if you are Singaporean or PR then you are eligible for the free pap smear. However if you are non PR and non Singaporean, as you have stated the pap smear test will cost you $70 w/o GST and $35 for the consult. This price also applies to all Singaporeans and PR after July 2017 once the free pap smear campaign is over.

  3. Hi. I am holding longterm visa, i guess i will be consider charge for the test right? Can i do the test during your promotion period?

  4. I have my ovaries & uterus remove due to ovarian cancer do I still need to go for pap smear test.

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