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    May Chen 43

    I am 43 years old, a stay at home mum. For more then 7 years, after giving birth to my 3 kids, I have been overweight. My situation is getting worse, maybe due to my age too. I am very desperate to lose weight. I watch my diet, but after a long day taking care of my kids and doing the house chores. I have no time for myself and let along hit to the gym. I don’t know are there solution to help me with my weight lose. I am also very worried about my health too. Advise needed. Thanks in advance.

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    Dr Rachel Ng

    Hi May,

    It good to hear that you’re watching your diet, and if you could work physical activity into your daily routine, that would be even better!
    That having said, given your busy schedule, it is understandable that you find it difficult to exercise.

    There are several medications available to help with weight loss, but these need to be prescribed by a doctor, after a proper assessment of your eligibility.
    Why don’t you come by to one of our clinics for a chat? We can review your lifestyle and diet and then decide on what meds would be suitable for you.

    Dr Rachel Ng
    Dr Tan and Partners

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    I took this prescription medication called Duromine. Been on it for like 2 weeks, I’ve lost 4 kg already!!!
    Still have another 10kg to go, I’m sticking with this stuff!!!
    Cant seen to sleep at night since I started the meds though – anyone else has this problem???

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